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Designed for everyone!


who want to keep record on their vehicle expenses, services, and stay ahead of vehicle maintenance.

Be it for personal use or self employed drivers, Uber, taxi-driver, etc.


that wants to manage their fleet of vehicles for various purposes & industries. 


Taxi companies, car rentals, logistic company, Telecommunications, Media, transportation and more

Service Providers

who can register, create their Merchant profile in Auttom Marketplace and start selling.

Spare parts, Vehicle Repairs, Car-wash, Car Rentals, Car dealers, Tire repair, Insurance companies, tow trucks, etc. 

White Label

Automotive industry Operators that wants to promote &, manage their services digitally & totally personalised.


White labelled solution designed for loyalty program in the automotive ecosystem.


 Track maintenance, vehicle incomes/ expenses along with fuel usage. Configure and get reminded for Tax, Insurance and service due date!

Manage and configure:


your Account, password & subscription

Vehicles and vehicle details with the possibility to share vehicle detail. 

Stay informed about updates, reminders and everything else in the Notifications centre.

Supporting different Languages


Choose your currency and profit from our currency calculator in case you would like to switch into another currency.

Select or switch from Litres to Gallon and vice-versa. 

Select or switch from Miles to Kilometres and vice-versa. 

Stay Aware with your area Weather conditions and Vehicle metrics

Monthly total expenses displayed in dynamic graph;

Vehicle current
Mileage & Yearly average consumption per Liter or Mile. *You must add accurate information. 

Upcoming events like service reminder, insurance, tax or any other reminder configured.

4 Analytic tabs related with Refuelling, Vehicle Service, Expenses and Income Costs compared with the previous period.. You can manage to display Refuelling/ Service/ Expense/ Income amount Monthly, 3 Monthly, Semi annually, Yearly and all time based.

Pit Stop Module - monitor every record (Service, Refuel, Expense, Reminder, Income) in list and detailed view including event type, Date & Time, Odometer, Quantity, Record, Price, Amount and every other option for each record  

Detailed Analytics for every important vehicle metric.  


Coming Soon


Auttom Marketplace where you can find anything related and filtered as per your vehicle model. 

Profit and Loss Module designed for Taxi/ Uber drivers and everyone else doing business with their vehicles. 

b808ea7dedf (29).png

AI Chat Assist *beta version: 

 where you can ask anything related to your vehicle and get answered instantly

Gain total control over your car and enjoy a hassle-free vehicle journey with Auttom!

Download Auttom on the App Store
Get Auttom on Google Play

Fully integrated with GPS services! 

All in one app to manage your fleet of vehicles.

Manage GPS and get notified for every important fleet telematic alert. 

Manage your Fleet Maintenance. 

Manage drivers, routes and tasks synchronised. 

Manage your vehicle rental reservations and many more..

GPS Telematic system Auttom



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