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Unlocking Fleet Efficiency: Auttom's Unified View for Fleet GPS Telematics Management

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to complex fleet operation in a dynamic time-sensitive environment.

We are excited to introduce Auttom latest release: the Unified View for GPS Telematics, fleet Management and maintenance. With this powerful tool at your fingertips, managing your fleet has never been easier or more streamlined. Imagine being able to oversee your entire fleet from a single, comprehensive dashboard or app. With Auttom's Unified View, you can do just that. Whether you're tracking the location of each vehicle in real-time, monitoring their altitude, speed & mileage, or analysing trip history and driver behaviour, monitoring maintenance costs, operational costs and income, everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

auttom GPS and fleet telematics

Utilising the power of information to drive meaningful insights and actionable decisions. With Auttom, you can identify patterns, spot inefficiencies, and optimise routes to maximise productivity and minimise costs. It's like having a virtual fleet manager by your side, guiding you towards success with every mile.

And the list of benefits continues :)

Auttom also empowers you to proactively manage your fleet with customizable notification alerts. Whether it's detecting unauthorised use, exceeding speed limits, or entering restricted areas, you'll receive instant in App alerts to keep you informed and in control at all times.

We've build a secured solution and an intuitive interface that makes managing your fleet a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned fleet manager or just getting started, Auttom puts the power of GPS telematics, fleet maintenance & management in your hands – where it belongs. Your time is valuable!

The simplicity in use and the powerful system that Auttom provides, makes us feel secure and in total control with our fleet. Additionally, having a simple rental reservation calendar on top has helped us manage our car rental business more easily, all within one app. - Keneli Rent a Car

Take charge of your fleet management effortlessly with Auttom. Discover how easy it is to oversee and optimise your operations with our intuitive interface. With Auttom, simplifying your fleet management is just a tap away.

Get in touch with us and find out how we can help!


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